Should You Buy Aftermarket Sandvik Stump Cutter Teeth?

Should You Buy Aftermarket Sandvik Stump Cutter Teeth?

09/07/2020 Off By rimrock

One of the current choices that a Sandvik stump grinder user have to make regarding the cutter teeth is going for the original or aftermarket option. The original parts usually come with the machine, and thus, you have an idea of how they work. But going for the aftermarket options is more like venturing into unchartered water.  That’s what makes most machine users avoid these parts.

But there are many benefits that comes with investing in aftermarket Sandvik stump cutter teeth. That’s why there is a huge number of people going for these alternatives. In this guide, we are going to look at some of the reason why you should invest in aftermarket options:

Good Quality Teeth

One of the reasons why you should consider investing in aftermarket Sandvik stump cutter teeth is the good quality they offer. However, it is important to note that the good quality of the teeth is determined by the manufacturer that you are buying parts from. If you get your machine teeth from reputable aftermarket manufacturers such as the JYF Machinery or King Kong, then you will get some of the best quality machines in the market. The manufacturers use the same standards, such as the original producers hence the top quality.

Reliable Teeth

Reliability is another reason why you need to consider investing in aftermarket Sandvik stump cutter teeth. When bought from a reputable manufacturer, these parts offer one of the best reliability features. For example, with JYF Machinery Sandvik stump cutter teeth, you have got tools that can withstand even the most demanding conditions. They use the best technology and high-quality metals for the manufacturing of these parts. Therefore, reliable aftermarket manufacturers produce machine teeth that can be relied on.


The other benefit that you get from aftermarket Sandvik stump cutter teeth is durability. These are the kind of stump cutter teeth that offers an incredible lifespan compared to most of the available alternatives. Due to the quality of these tools, they are able to withstand even the most abrasive conditions. This means you will take a longer time before thinking of repairs and replaces. With reduced wear and tear, then you can expect the machine to last for a longer time.


The other benefit of aftermarket Sandvik stump cutter teeth is affordability. Compared to the original parts, all aftermarket manufacturers provide their tools at a lower price. So you will be spending less on the same quality.