Experts Tips For Using Extrusion Stretch Forming Machine

Experts Tips For Using Extrusion Stretch Forming Machine

16/11/2020 Off By rimrock

Extrusion stretch forming machine are some of the widely used forming machines. If you have invested in good quality and versatility, you can manufacturer a lot of products. But you need the right info on how to use these machines to get the most out of them.

In this guide, we are going look at the right product of using an extrusion stretch forming machine. We have put together the crucial steps that you need to take for proper production. If you’re a newbie, this guide is for you. Here are steps you should follow:

Prepare the Machine

One of the things that you need to get right first is the preparation of the machine. There are several things that you need to check is the condition of the machine. Is it properly checked for faults? The machine must always be in the best condition possible. Any fault should be fixed before starting production to avoid accidents and low-quality production. Check the pressure of everything, especially if it’s been a while since you used the machine.

Creating Blanks

The second step that you need to take is creating the blanks. This is a very crucial step because it sets the rest of the process in motion. Blank forming starts with visualizing what you want to produce, putting it in drawing, and assembling everything that’s needed. Once you are ready with all the measurements, bring the material needed. In this case, bring the metal sheet where the extrusion stretch forming machine is.

Cut the Blank

The next step is cutting the blanks. This shouldn’t be difficult because what you need is the mold or the die that produces the required shape and size. You might also hear some people calling this stage stamping. The use of the pressing machine makes things easy for this stage. To get the best results, you need to consider putting the metal sheet over the reel. This will help to produce better quality products.

Finish the Products

With the work piece already cut in the required shape, you can now start forming the remaining parts of the products. There are some manual processes that you need to work on, including folding the work piece in the required shape. You will also need to work on the finishes to get the best quality. But if you have invested in a quality extrusion stretch forming machine, the finishing work should be easy.