Best Practices for Concrete Milling

03/01/2019 Off By rimrock

Best Practices for Concrete Milling

Concrete milling is an integral part of the road construction. It is a process through which the old or worn course of the road to help in the repair process.  However, you need to have the right concrete milling machine for the job since the conditions are usually different. But having the right machine, though necessary, will not be enough to give you the best results. Observing the best concrete milling practices is the essential thing.

Proper Preparation

Even before you take the machinery to the site, you need to make proper preparation. Carry out an analysis of the site and see what is needed to complete the project successfully. Check the surface condition and find out the kind of concrete milling machine needed for the job. You must also carry out a thorough hazard analysis on the size. Hazard analysis is one of the critical things that you must carry out even before moving machinery to the site. You need to ensure the safety of the workers and everyone who will be working on the site. Check if electrical or gas lines are passing through the site. These are crucial factors since they can cause severe injuries to workers.

Good Operation

One of the areas that operators fail badly is when it comes to the operation of the machine. You need to observe good operation practices throughout the process.  The speed of the machine is a crucial factor. It can make or break quality and the quantity of the mill. The rule of the thumb is that you “start slow and stop slow.” That is meant to give time for the entire machine to synchronize and adjust accordingly.  One mistake that people make is starting too fast which has been found to significantly decrease the lifespan of crucial wear parts as well as that of the overall concrete milling machine.

Utilize Technology to the Fullest

If you are buying a new concrete milling machine, it is important that you look for technological features. The modern machines have advanced greatly in terms of technology, and that is why they are easy to use and offers incredible performance. One of the major benefits of technology features is that they enable you to work mill smart and not harder. Look for telematics, app compatibility and other features that would make working with the concrete milling machine much easier.